Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Amazing Fishing Video - Bombardment by Fish!

This is easily one of the most astounding and hilarious things I've ever seen - two guys in a boat in Brazil, who don't even look like fishermen (there's not a rod in sight), cruising along at night and shining a spotlight across the waterway they're navigating. And suddenly, probably attracted by the light, there are fish flying through the air on all sides. Within a few minutes they have a boatful. If only fishing were this easy - though to be honest the whole episode looks a bit dangerous as well. A hurtling 2-pound fish to the eye wouldn't be much fun. It truly has to be seen to be believed, so sit back and enjoy the piscine pelting: Crazy Nocturnal Airborne Fish Video on Yahoo!

(Kudos to anyone who can identify what kind of fish those are as they're flying by.)


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