Wednesday, November 01, 2006

A Coloring Book About Fishing

I just came across a cute online publication of the Fish & Wildlife service, a coloring book called "Fishing ABC's" you can download as a PDF file and print out for any young anglers in the house. Seems like a great way for kids to pass the time while waiting for a nibble, which as we all know can sometimes take a while.

The coloring book features pictures of catfish, sunfish, gar, trout, perch, salmon, bass, walleye, northern pike, an eel, as well as other animals you'll find around wetlands like herons, frogs, crayfish, and dragonflies. It also teaches important lessons about pollution, habitat preservation, fishing safety, and overfishing.

Here's where to download the PDF files for the coloring book:

Fishing ABC's Book Cover

Fishing ABC's Coloring Book


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